Tanti Amelia

Tanti Amelia


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Trapped in the forest of words, drowned in the wilderness of color.

Tanti Amelia born at East Kalimantan, 1970.

She now has 4 children, one of the oldest boy already died. She loves drawing, doodling and writing blog. 

Almost all of the content is about her, writings everyday life as a housewife whose hobbies are culinary, traveling, hiking,  writing and making illustrations for children's books.

Hes contribution to children's book literacy has produced dozens of works and books, and you can find it at some online bookstore and bookstore.

Tanti also make doodling tutorial at YouTube channel nengtantidoodle, Neng Tanti Amelia, and Roema Jamoer

Live at Tangerang and have a mushroom garden in Cipanas, Puncak, West Java, so she made a few instagram's account to support all of the activities.

Tanti Amelia also teaches doodles to children for free, because she knew that every children's love to playing with colours.

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