Puteri Emme Marina Mohamad

Puteri Emme Marina Mohamad


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Hi, known as Emme Marina. I brand myself in my blog, marketplace as well as my social media. I see myself more as critical thinker person as this journey as business mom is never easy.

Here at Malaysia, housewives are very different with other country. But i think, in a way we as wife serves the same purpose, managing our house, family and work for our loves one.

I love sharing about marketing to help other seller. No matter who you are if you cant give, life is empty. The more you gives, the more you get back. This is what i trust as business woman and the way of life. We dont always share for money, but we share because its the right thing to do. 

This is my mission while managing my little blog. I am 36 years old, with 5 children. Age 11 until 9 months. Everyday is a challenge.  Raising big family and providing all necessity is not easy but it can be done. I believe everyone is hardworking and hope for all the best as we can.

I hope being part of intellifluence can help me providing more for our family. 

This me. Collaborate with me if you think I'm worth it. I am Emme Marina from Malaysia. Thank you for having me here.

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