Monique Fullowka

Monique Fullowka


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Blogger - Hello-My name is Monique Fullowka. I live in a small Saskatchewan town for 6 months of the year and in Arizona for another 6 months, when our weather gets real cold. I am married to Gerry, have 2 grown daughters and a great little Yorkie named Jake! Blogging since 2009- Product reviews, service reviews, giveaways, our travels, DIY home projects ,family life, personal finance, and so much more.

Stretching the One Income Dollar is about having more, and spending less. Although I like reading other blogs on scrimping and saving, I am not extreme. I still like to enjoy some of the good things life has to offer, such as travelling, going out, etc., but I like doing it all more carefully- I look for bargains, use coupons, and read as much as I can on penny pinching.

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