Kelby Mcintosh

Kelby Mcintosh

United States

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From his roots in Marshall, Texas, and his big move to the Bay Area, Kelby "KB" McIntosh has a well-versed career spanning years in broadcast journalism. Working with companies like Cumulus Radio and KETK: Kelby turned a dark period of homelessness into a production company and podcast that bolsters a bi-coastal listenership. Aptly called Alone on the Couch, his podcast is an amalgamation of life topics mixed in with myriads of nerd pop culture references. From season one to now, you hear his journey all while musically scored to tracks that would baffle even the most knowledgeable of music lovers. "I did not want to sleep on a couch, so I worked ridiculous hours to be the best at my craft. It was many nights spent in the studio to spark my creativity to gain the success I wanted." — Kelby, McIntosh When Stephanie Morris of Cumulus Radio uttered the words "imma give you a shot", his dedication paid off. Within that opportunity came a Rolodex of knowledge that birthed MORSAIR Digital Production, the brainchild of KB McIntosh and long time friend Chris Hedgar. "Personally, MORSAIR represents the dedication of his craft, and I feel it is very indicative of the life he lived, so we honor the calling to create. Our impact will ripple outwards to reach the people that the works meant to reach." — Chris, Hedgar Kelby did not let life stop him from achieving his dream, as that passion shown with MORSAIR strives to amplify the multicultural voices of visionaries for positive change with quality sound and much more.

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