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Joy is a TikTok creator with over 700,000 follwers (and growing!) who makes joyful, positive, wholesome, inspiring content. She's known for her "easy dance" videos where she offers super simple and really fun dances to the community. In fact, Charlie D'Amelio (a hugely popular TikToker) dueted one of her easy dances in July 2019 and it was Charli's first video to "blow up" - the spark of Charli's fame! In addition to easy dances, Joy makes a variety of uplifting dance videos and other inspirational content. She promotes body positivity, self love, whole-person wellness, and emotional intelligence. She's also know for her creative, bright sense of style (she regularly gets asked about her clothing, jewelry, and shoes in the comments section) as well as her funky, bright hair colors that are continually changing. Joy has worked hard to build connections with her followers - even at well over half a million, Joy still responds to nearly all comments on every video. Her followers trust her and have high expectations for what she posts. While she's very open to sponsored posts, it's vitally important to Joy to remain in integrity with everything she shares. She will happily and enthusiastically connect with brands that she genuinely feels great about!

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