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About Me

Hi there! My name is Helena. I’m a travel photographer specialising in food, portraits and interiors.

I regularly shoot for cookbooks, publications, restaurants, cafes and hotels around the world, and tell visual stories of the people of the food world.

I love documenting good food, people and places in a beautiful and authentic way, so that you can present your brand how you've always wanted to but never quite been able to.  I aim to convey an atmosphere with my images and create emotions through the stories I tell.

I’m passionate about sustainability, nutrition, wellbeing, and natural living.

My background is in documentary photography and photojournalism, I've previously co-founded a content marketing agency, and have published digital magazines on business and sustainability. Currently I publish and edit Newfound.

I’m also a Pinterest influencer with over half a million followers, working with brands in the food and travel industries, creating and curating content.

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