Alyssa Eads

Alyssa Eads

United States

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Hello I am Alyssa Marie. I started this page because of my love for bohemian/eclectic decor, but it has become such an amazing platform for me to also talk to my followers in a very honest way. I show and recommend only the best products I use, using my credibility as a hairstylist and cosmetologist of ten years. I am also very honest and open with my followers about my mental health and actively promote healthy dialogue with them. I really value this platform and the people. I love doing collaborations I think my followers will enjoy but also that I enjoy as well! I am a smaller account but my engagement is high because of my pursuit to build personal relationships within my community, and I am active every day and continue to grow. I have connected with hundreds of people on my platform and they really value and trust my opinion on products and personal advice. I have spent so much time curating not only my following but my aesthetic. If I feel a product does not fit my style, I will gently turn it down because I don't want to confuse my followers, and they know that. Ultimately, I give all of my followers a safe place to come to that they know is genuine and legitimate.

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