Aida Ibisevic

Aida Ibisevic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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I photograph, film and develop recipes + write stories about the Balkans for the folks who want to know more about its people and food on my blog Balkan Lunch Box. I divide my time between Sarajevo and Washington DC. 

Balkan Lunch Box is a food blog featuring traditional and contemporary Balkan cuisine with an accent on Bosnian and cuisines of former Yugoslavian countries. Here you’ll find detailed recipes, photographs and videos of flavorsome dishes.  Some of these you’re very familiar with, others will make you want to familiarize yourself with quickly.   

I created BLB in 2014, almost by accident, as a way to share Balkan recipes with American friends. They loved the food they ate at my house and often asked how it was [link-omitted] as a format was the most logical way to share my love of Balkan cuisine with the largest amount of people.

BLB is a bilingual blog. All content is in English as well as Bosnian (Croatian/ Serbian). In addition to recipes, the site is crocheted with stories about my beginnings in this somewhat unstable but endlessly charming part of South East Europe, as well as my coming of age in breathtaking DC. 

Most recipes on the website are our family’s and have been made this way, or similarly, for generations. Some content comes from our friends or cookbooks, and their origin is indicated in text. All recipes have been thoroughly tested. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to make these at home, and even upgrade them with your own touch. 

What started as a hobby became a trusted brand. Today, BLB is a website people can visit to get delicious recipes, confident their time and resources won’t be wasted. BLB’s content has been seen by millions, it has a social media following of over 225,000, and was featured on many sites including the BBC.



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