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I will add attractive,eye catching posts or videos to raise curiosity

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About this offer

I am learning many creative ways to make a product or service attractive to my audience/followers using various apps and my own creativity/things available. I use high quality photos/videos and try to make myself as approachable and even just your average consumer to make people feel at ease.

About the influencer

Heather Houston

Heather Houston

15K Reach

 - Im a very outgoing, personable, and friendly person. Through experience, I have become someone who works very hard to not only envision what the brand wants, but also the consumers perspective. I spend a great deal of time,effort, and even money, to make everything perfect.

  • I engage very much with my followers, doing my best to genuinely make them feel like an important part of my life. I live in Florida and have two cats. I'm interested in anything beauty related, cat friendly products, home decor and really anything in between. 

Im happy to do research on products I'm working on and you can expect a 100% honest review while emphasizing the positives at all times! I vow that no matter my feelings about a product, I will NEVER bad-mouth either the product or the company/brand. That is something very unprofessional and frankly, tasteless.


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