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I will include you in our Holiday Gift Guide

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I'll share the blog post on my social accounts.
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About this offer

We would love to feature your products in our holiday gift guide. This year there are 16 blogs with a total of 854, 000 followers and 313,000 monthly page views partnering together to bring you this gift guide. That means your products have the potential to be seen by millions just in time for the holidays.
This year we are offering one gift guide package. The cost to you is $150 cash or merchandise of our choice.
In exchange:
• You will be listed in the gift guide which will be posted on 17 blogs for the months of November, December, and January.
• Your product will also be featured in a gift guide post that will appear on my blog. This round-up post will contain at least 3 other gift guide items.
• You have the option of us hosting a 2-week giveaway that will drive traffic to your site and social media accounts. The giveaway will be shared on 20+ blogs and on social media daily. Giveaway prize can be a gift card, single item, or a prize package must be valued at $50 or higher) you can also have more than one winner if you want and each winner will receive a prize. We will send you the winners' information after the giveaway is closed. You are responsible for sending/shipping the prize to the winner.
We are offering the following optional add-on package for $75 in cash.
• 1 Dedicate blog post exclusively about your product.
• 1 Instagram feed post featuring your product and 1 Instagram story post with a swipe-up feature leading to your site.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please let me
know. You can find more information about the Gift Guide here
I look forward to working with you either on this gift guide or in the
future. As always we are open to negotiation and ideas.
Thank you,

About the influencer

Evelyn Dortch

Evelyn Dortch

46K Reach

Evelyn, a genX writer, podcaster, and content creator, is passionate about writing and creating content that dispels the myths of aging and inspires women to live life on their own terms, no matter their age. With a following of mostly women over 35, Evelyn writes about a variety of topics, from health and wellness to plus-size fashion and beauty, from gaming to retirement planning. She writes about what she likes and what interests her, creating honest and engaging content that her followers can relate to. She's a proud pet owner, an avid reader, and a lover of all things related to nature and cooking. She’s eclectic, unconventional, and never boring. 


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