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I will make a feed post and/or story campaign for your brand

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About this offer

I'll take branded photos for your company and share it in my story on Instagram as well! Talk to me about your company's image and needs and we can collaborate on a feed post, carousel, and/or story we all are happy with!

1 story is $15
1 photo post is $25
1 photo/story is $35
3 photo carousel $70 (story included)
5 photo carousel $100 (story included)
10 photo carousel $175 (story included)

About the influencer

Alexa Ambrosia

Alexa Ambrosia

23K Reach

I'm Lecka, a Twitch partner, YouTube partner, and variety streamer who loves everything in the realm of videogames and tabletop! I am a goofball, sweet tea lover, makeup enthusiast, & ADHD-energized gal who plays everything from horror to retro to visual novels for my online community 5x a week on my Twitch channel ([link-omitted]).

On Twitch, my CCV is 90+ with 7.5K followers. On YouTube, I have 4.6k subscribers with over 100k views on my main channel, and 3 other YouTube channels for Yugioh & TCGs, Pokémon, and Lifestyle content. I've worked with multiple brands in the past for influencer campaigns on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Trovo, and Twitter, including Oodie, Splendies, Kroger, Aragmi 2, Raid: Shadow Legends, Farming Simulator 2, Star Trek Fleet Command, [link-omitted], & [link-omitted]. I'd love to add your company's name to my list of happy clients, too! 

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you.


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