MICHELLE GOTH Influencer Spotlight

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Michelle Goth is a Kansas City-based food blogger and influencer on Intellifluence. Michelle describes herself as a working Mom trying to keep dinner fresh and exciting for her family. Also known as the Blackberry Babe, which is also the name of her blog, Michelle’s recipes have been featured in Better [...]

JENNIFER ALEXANDER Influencer Spotlight

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Jennifer Alexander, also known as the Beerded Lady, is the “go-to girl” for craft beer expertise. Based in Texas, Jennifer was introduced to craft beer by her father and she has traveled the world to find good beer, waited in line for special releases, prowled beer festivals and even collaborated [...]

YANNI GEORGOULAKIS Influencer Spotlight

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Yanni Georgoulakis is the creator of Foody Fetish, a popular Instagram account that currently has over 3.3 million followers. Yanni’s mother is Cuban and his father was born in Greece, making Yanni’s heritage diverse and inspiring him to try all sorts of food. Foody Fetish has partnered with McDonalds, Burger [...]


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Catherine, Tammy and Michael Pappas run the popular lifestyle site, Living the Gourmet, which specializes in recipes, reviews and wine features. To the Pappas family, the heart of their home lies within the kitchen. Catherine created Living the Gourmet back in 2008 with the help and encouragement of her son [...]

GIGI ASHWORTH Influencer Spotlight

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GiGi Ashworth is a former competitive snowboarder and horseback rider who has since become a popular allergen-friendly cook and certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition Communications. She run the successful website gigieatscelebrities.com, which focuses on food and cooking, but also a whole lot more. According to her site, [...]